Beware of the attention that you seek! My .02

Let's start 2022 off with a discussion on what perhaps are some un-realized consequences of the ever popular modern trend of self-promotion.

Those of you that know me best or have been reading our newsletters have probably ascertained that I'm not much of a fan of social media and the self-promotion (among other things) that comes with it. It’s no secret that in our society it has become increasingly more popular to post photos that once were found in gas station magazines with black covers, suggestive memes, and vile dance videos all for the sake of getting attention over others. I think you all know exactly why this is dangerous.

What I want to talk about is something that you may not realize. That is, what else is seen by what you put on the back windows of your vehicles. Even though I don't agree with it I know that it's popular to promote yourself over others and that it's very difficult to stand out from the crowd and that it's tempting to put all of the cool things that you like on the back window of your pickup truck. Putting your business name and phone number on your vehicle like a business card or rolling billboard is one thing, but what you must remember is that thieves and evil doers are opportunist, looking for the easiest way to make the easiest money. Advertising your favorite gun manufacturer, your favorite sunglasses brand, your favorite high priced T shirt company with stickers may seem cool but it also increases your visibility to the wrong types of people. Just like rolling your windows down in negative 15 degree temperatures in a Blizzard blasting your country rap at 6000 decibels so that the folks on the space station can enjoy your music is also advertising exactly how expensive your aftermarket stereo system is. Try to keep in mind that you're not only attracting the eyes of the ones you seek to impress, but you may also be attracting the eyes of the people waiting for you to turn your back to take whatever you're advertising is inside your vehicle. You wouldn't put a sticker on the back of your trousers telling everyone how much money is in your pocket or how much money they can take from your bank account after they use the pistol that they found in your truck to take your wallet from you. There's a lot to be said for modesty and looking just like everyone else so that you can blend in for the sake of conflict avoidance. you may not like it, but the fact is it's just like when you see certain clothes on certain people it sends a message to your brain about what kind of person is wearing those clothes. If I see someone wearing A T shirt that says Led Zeppelin on it the assumption is that that person wanted me to know that they like Led Zeppelin and that I can assume they likely listen to them and that if I talk to you about Led Zeppelin you would be receptive to that. In the same fashion there are people that assume if you're walking around mostly naked that you like being seen naked and that you don’t mind people looking at your nudity or approaching you about your body parts on display. if you have a gun sticker on your vehicle the assumption is that you have one in your vehicle. You're trying to send a message. Even if you don't perceive messages the same as others, there are those out there that do, and it may not be fair that you can't advertise the way that you want to without the wrong people getting the wrong ideas, but the fact is they do. A little bit of awareness about how you're viewed goes a long way to avoiding a dangerous situation. God, forbid you walk out of the super market to find someone holding the firearm and the expensive cloths that you advertised was within your vehicle. People do some crazy things to avoid capture when they realize that they've been caught in the act of illegal activities. Protection also means thinking about the choices that you make that could lead to a confrontation before they happen. Is the attention really worth it? 

Stay Sharp My Friends

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