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What Knives Does the Military Use? A Look at Standard Issue Blades

The military gives its people a variety of knives. Each knife is for a specific job. There are combat knives, standard blades, and special ceremonial daggers. For instance, Air Force officers from Portugal and Spain have their own unique daggers. But, the Ka-Bar knife is the most well-known in the US Military. It is famous for its many uses and long history. The Ka-Bar is very important for soldiers.

Knowing which knives the US military uses helps us understand their gear. Every knife, be it for daily use or in combat, is picked for being strong and lasting. The Ka-Bar knife is a perfect example. It is still used often, showing its importance to the military over time. This makes it a big part of military history.

Introduction to Military Knives

Military knives are crucial tools for soldiers, meeting many needs from cooking to fighting. What knives are used in the military is a big question. They're selected for their toughness and long lifespan. These knives excel in tough military settings.

Of all the kinds, pocket knives stand out. They are light and easy to carry. Both folding and fixed types are essential for the US and Canadian armies. Known for being versatile, they help soldiers in many ways.

Knowing what type of knife does the military use shows how important these pocket knives are. They are more than tools; they're vital for soldiers every day. Their easy carry and many uses are why they're chosen.

Iconic Military Knives: The Ka-Bar

The Ka-Bar knife is famous in the US Military for its incredible history and strong reputation. It's considered a top choice when looking at what knives the military uses. Service members trust it for its top-notch performance, making it a staple.

The story behind its name is just as interesting. Legend says a fur trapper wrote a letter to the knife's maker. He said he had to use the knife to kill a bear when his gun didn't work. This gave rise to the name "Ka-Bar" (kill a bear), highlighting its strength and usefulness. This story enhanced the knife's appeal among the military.


The Ka-Bar is well-known for being reliable and tough. It comes with a seven-inch strong blade and a solid handle. Also, it has a leather sheath. This setup is perfect for various tasks in the military, like cutting, digging, or defending.

The Ka-Bar's reputation as a versatile tool for the military is unmatched. It has been crucial from its start to its place in modern military gear. This knife symbolizes reliability and the strength needed by those serving. Even today, the Ka-Bar remains at the forefront, combining tradition with field-tested excellence.

Standard Issue Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are essential for the US Special Forces and Canadian military. Their small size and many uses make them perfect for soldiers. They can be used for everyday tasks and to protect themselves. The type of knife, whether a classic or a more modern one, matters a lot to the military.

Why Pocket Knives Are Preferred

These knives are loved for their small size and weight. They show that soldiers are always ready and can take care of themselves. The ability to use these knives quickly is key for soldiers in their daily work.

Types of Pocket Knives

The military uses a mix of pocket knives. They have types like the classic, tactical, and ones that open with springs. Classic ones have changed from daily tools to meet tough military needs. Tactical knives are built to last, even in harsh conditions.

Features of an Ideal Military Pocket Knife

What makes a good military pocket knife? It needs a rough edge for hard jobs, a special shape to cut well, and to be easy to hide. The best steel is vital for long use, and the knife should be easy to hold. These features are key when the military chooses their equipment.

Victorinox Soldier's Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife

The Victorinox Soldier's Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife is key for many soldiers. It's picked as the official tool for the Swiss Army after tough tests. With a redesigned handle, it's the fourth major update in 120 years. This new version has better features for military work.

Overview and History

For over a century, this knife has served the Swiss Army. It went through hard tests to be chosen, meeting the military's needs. The design has improved over time. The latest has an easier-to-use handle and better tools, showing the knife's ongoing upgrades for soldiers.

Key Features

The Victorinox Soldier Swiss Army Knife offers many functions. It includes a one-hand serrated locking blade and a Phillips screwdriver. There's also a wood saw and multiple openers with screwdrivers. Its handle mixes black and olive green for a strong hold even in tough conditions.

This knife’s strong build and many uses make it a must-have for troops globally. Including top-notch materials and a design focused on users, it's the US military's top choice for a reason.

What Knives Does the Military Use?

The military uses many knives for different jobs and situations. These knives range from simple pocket knives to advanced combat blades. Each one has a special use. Pocket knives are small and can do many jobs. They're great for everyday tasks and for protecting yourself.

Combat knives are made for fighting up close and cutting tough things. They are tough, sharp, and always ready to help in hard times.

Special knives are also used in ceremonies. They show respect for traditions and remember the past.

Multitools, like the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, are also important. They are packed with many useful tools in one. These tools are great for soldiers everywhere.

The military picks knives that are tough, work well, and have many uses. This shows how vital a good knife is for all the different jobs and tasks in the military.

Specialized Tactical and Combat Knives

Along with regular issue knives, the military uses specialized tactical and combat knives. These are made for specific missions. They are strong and made with great care to work well in tough military settings.

When the military picks knives, they look for ones that will last and do well in fights. These knives use the best materials and designs. They are built to handle rough use and harsh places.

For the military, picking the right knife is about durability and performance under pressure. The knives should not rust easily, be simple to care for, and stay sharp. Their design should also help soldiers use them easily in stressful situations.

Specialized tactical and combat knives show the military values tools that work well and last. Materials and design are carefully chosen. This shows how important it is for these knives to meet the needs of tough military jobs.


The military's collection of knives shows how varied and challenging their needs are. Each knife has a specific purpose, from the famous Ka-Bar to the precise Victorinox Soldier's Swiss Army Knife. These tools guarantee that troops have the finest gear for their duties. This shows that military knife selection deals with many important aspects, mainly function and trust.

Knowing what knives the military uses sheds light on the key roles of these instruments. The Ka-Bar, celebrated for its history and strength, is indispensable for battle. On the other hand, the Victorinox Soldier's Swiss Army Knife emphasizes the value of being versatile and precise in today's military tasks.

The military's knife choice is more than about cutting. It's about ensuring each soldier has what they need for various situations. This ranges from simple pocket knives to advanced combat blades. These tools are crucial, showing the creativity and flexibility of our military members.


What knife does the U.S. military use?

The Ka-Bar combat knife is very famous in the U.S. military. It is known for being hard-wearing and trustworthy in battle.

What type of knife does the military use?

The military selects knives based on their mission. They use combat knives like the Ka-Bar, as well as pocket knives and multitools. Specialized tactical knives are also in use.

What pocket knife does the military use?

The military often chooses the Victorinox Soldier's Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife for its multitasking abilities and strong build. It also uses various other pocket knives, both modern and classic.

Why are pocket knives preferred in the military?

Pocket knives are lightweight and versatile. They're great for different uses, from everyday tasks to emergencies. Their small size also means they are easy to keep hidden.

What are the key features of an ideal military pocket knife?

An ideal military pocket knife has key features like a serrated edge for tough cuts and a strong flat grind. It should be small for easy carrying and made from top-grade steel for a long life. It also must fit comfortably in your hand and have safety features.

What knives are used in the military?

The military uses a variety of knives. This includes combat knives, pocket knives, ceremonial daggers, and special tactical knives. Each type is chosen for specific jobs, quality, and task suitability.

What is the Victorinox Soldier's Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife?

The Victorinox Soldier's Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife is a versatile tool that the Swiss Army officially uses. It features a locking blade, Phillips screwdriver, wood saw, and several other tools. This makes it perfect for military needs.

Why is the Ka-Bar knife iconic in the U.S. military?

The Ka-Bar has a legendary status in the military. Its history and combat effectiveness have established it as a key tool for military members. It is valued for its toughness, reliability, and role in critical moments.

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