17 Oct 2021 - Review by Eric Hoeppner, 

(Owner and CEO of BaGawkian Concepts LLC)

Happy October and soon a spooky Halloween,

Is there a better time than this to drop a review on the Nightstalker? I think not. 

I will concentrate on the full/short handle Nightstalker today. The only difference is the handle length, which will come into light in a bit. Mr. Kell again has placed his twist on a karambit design and created a blade that not only flows like one but feels great in the hand, as do all his blades. The Stalker is.125 thick 1095 steel with NIB treatment with a 3 inch blade and a total of 7.75 inches. This includes the integral ring and temple spike at the rear of the knife. This ring allows for increased purchase and control while providing the ability to flip the blade for increased cutting distance. The temple spike at the rear has numerous usages. I used mine to smash everything from tree trunks to metal street signs. The ring held up without any deformation. While conducting flow/flip drills, the ring allowed for smooth operation no matter your carry/deployment method.

I used various mediums for penetration purposes and each time, the blade achieved full depth of penetration. While using the short handle option, my brain checked out and failed to recall that the handle was a bit shorter, as I was focused on smashing the blade as deep as I could into various materials. As I drove the Nightstalker into the testing material, something felt odd. I removed the blade and decided to put a little more, "Mongo Smash", into it. The blade again did what it is designed to do. I again, for a second time, looked at it and paused. At this point, I realized that with the shorter handle you may end up driving the blade even deeper into whatever you have chosen as the unlucky testing material. I will say no matter which handle you decide upon, the blade will fully penetrate to your pinky or index finger depending upon carry options. I personally fluctuate between the full and short handles depending upon my mood for the day. The various handle sizes each feel great and offer their own unique advantages. I recommend you purchase both sets of grips when ordering this knife to see for yourself, at only 20.00 bucks more, why pass it up? I like the increased feel of the grenade style grips.

The Nightstalker chewed up and spit out anything I tossed at it, just like that nasty Candy Corn you got in your trick-a-treat bags as children. The Stalker created large cavities in a number of testing materials with ease. This was to determine the damage that could be inflicted against an attacker, no matter if it is Jason or a zombie saber tooth tiger from the past. No matter what I tossed at the Nightstalker, it kept asking for more. This is yet another amazing quality knife and unique design that is pleasing to the eye and at home in the hand. The stalker maintained excellent edge retention during the testing phases and was easy to touch back up. The finish held up during all the testing and has yet to fail or blemish. I believe the ring is in the process of being smoothed out for even more comfort, but don't quote me on that. Do your due diligence and ask Mr. Kell yourself. I have not tried the Nightstalker CQC myself yet, but I would venture a guess, it too will not disappoint. If you are looking for control and ability to maintain a blade in a life-threating situation, then the Nightstalker line up is for you. I again wish to give praise where praise is due and thank Mr. Kell for creating yet again, another truly world class product that the working man can afford even with the cost of materials and time increasing. This knife is a at the current price, so get them while you can. 

Thanks again, Happy Hauntings and BaGawk.