04 Sept 2021 - Review by Eric Hoeppner, 

(Owner and CEO of BaGawkian Concepts LLC)

Hello again, it’s Hep, owner and CEO of BaGawkian Concepts LLC, and today’s review will concentrate on The Striker. The Striker or better yet the “Lighting Blade”, as I like to call it. I say this due to the fact it resembles a lighting bolt and flows like one as well. This blade has a Mako style influence with the T.Kell twist and lends itself to a fighter design. The Striker is 7.75 inches overall with a 3.875 inch blade length with a 1.06 inch blade height. The knife is made of 1095 steel, full tang design and G10 handle scales. This blade is balanced perfectly as all T.Kell knives. The balance point is up front, near the index finger, making it extremely comfortable without fatiguing the hand.

The blade flows extremely smoothly in your hand with little to no effort when doing flow drills or just cutting something to ribbons for the sure pleasure of it. I went with the grenade style handle for greater purchase. I chose the purple and black color scheme on the handle and a Topo laser design down the blade. This design gives the appearance of a topographical map, for those old enough to recall paper maps, but, does not compromise the NIB treatment that T.Kell are also known for. The handle is interchangeable with the Raider and I can say when switching with the OD green/ black handle, it gave the Striker a more menacing appearance, if that is even possible.

I put the Striker through the usual abuse of chopping, cutting, hacking, prying, slashing, slicing, stabbing, thrusting and overall tormented the damn thing. I even did some digging and prying with it, not it’s intended purpose. The Striker shrugged it off like water off a ducks back. The Striker cut straight through any material I tossed at it with ease. A few times I thought I had missed the target because the cut was so clean and smooth. This knife takes little to no force to elicit a devastating wound track on various materials and substances. While conducting penetration type testing, the blade penetrated fully with little resistance each time. One thing that makes this blade flow so smoothly is the overall slick design and profile of the Striker, with the added benefit of a integral thumb rest atop the blade. The only addition I would recommend is jimping to this area for increased purchase for the thumb. Jimping, like many things, is a personal preference. The Striker is comfortable to wear all day thanks to the sheath design and easily deploys when needed. It is very comfortable carrying it tip up or tip down during usage. This is yet another amazing quality knife and a unique design that is pleasing to the eye and one that will no doubt last you a lifetime. The Striker just begs to cut things when being out of the sheath and I’m sure you will get years of enjoyment out of it. Thanks again Mr. Kell for producing a truly world class product that the working man can afford and one that will not disappoint when the time comes. Thanks again, BaGawk.