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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice

Introducing the T.Kell Sentry Grip

Turn your T.Kell fixed blade into a ring handle blade!

Fits- Striker, Raider, Warthog, Tanto, Guardian, Taylors Ridge

This replaces one side of the grip. Right now we only offer these in black and OD Green, if you don't have black or OD Green grips you might consider getting a set of grips also.

Coming soon- Combatant, Piranha

Here's how this started.

I have gotten so many emails and social media comments just like this..."Hey Tim, have you ever considered making the Striker into a ring handled knife like the Nightstalker? If you did I think this would be EDC perfection! Just a thought".

After one such email a member of our team said "have you ever thought about using a handle to extend the grip on some of our knives?". I said "no but thats brilliant!!!" I felt like a lightning bolt hit me! I thought why not add the famous "stalker ring" and not just extend the grips, I grabbed my sketch book and in a matter of minutes I had the sentry grips drawn. I got with my genius engineer, we got with my grip maker who just so happens to be the best grip maker in the world. Yes he is in the US. We all kicked ideas around. I wanted it to be affordable, strong, cross functorial, easy to install and it had to be comfortable. T,Kell grips are know for extreme comfort and useability. We made a set for testing. After much testing, trial, and error we came up with The Sentry Grip. I love developing simple innovative products that make our Blades more useful

The sentry grip goes on your existing T.Kell Blade using the same exact lashing screw hardware that your blades comes with. It is incredibly strong! It's not designed as a window breaker, its is designed for maximum retention in forward or reverse grip, and built to be strong enough to deliver a very very high impact strike, sending the message of "get off me". It uses the same ergonomics as our famed Nightstalker ring, has the exact shape of our famous EDC grips so it locks into your existing sheath with no alterations. It had the same finger alignment that makes or ring handles the best most comfortable in the industry. Designed for actual use.  The Sentry Grip ss easily removable if you need to switch your blade to different use. In true T.Kell fashion its innovative, comfortable, one of a kind and like nothing anyone else has thought of. Backed by our lifetime warranty.


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