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Knife Laws in Washington State: Legal Carry and Restrictions

It's key to know Washington State's knife laws for owning blades legally. These laws address carrying and owning various types of blades, including folding and pocket knives. They also ban carrying switchblades.

The reason for carrying a knife matters a lot in the eyes of the law. Different places might see this differently, making things more complex. People under 18 have rules of their own. And carrying a hidden knife longer than three and a half inches is usually not okay, unless you're hunting.

Carrying a knife out in the open doesn't have strict state rules. Yet, local laws, especially those about causing fear in people, might control this. It's smart to check the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and to get legal advice to stay out of trouble.

Overview of Knife Laws in Washington State

In Washington State, it's important to know which knives you can carry legally. This knowledge is crucial for those who want to understand the law. Knowing what knives are okay to have can help you stay on the right side of the law.

Types of Legal Knives

Washington allows many types of knives to be carried. This includes knives like Bowie knives, dirks, and stilettos. If you need to use knives for work or fun activities, knowing what's allowed is key. It's essential to be aware of carry permission for Washington blades to follow the rules.

Types of Illegal Knives

Some knife types are not allowed in Washington, even though many are. Washington prohibited blades are switchblades, gravity knives, and butterfly knives. If you're unsure, it's wise to talk to the police or a lawyer. Always keep up-to-date with knife laws to be safe and legal.

Carry Laws for Knives

In Washington, it's important to know the laws for carrying knives. The state doesn't say you can't carry them openly. But, cities like Seattle have their own rules. If someone is scared by your knife, you might have a problem. Knowing the regulations open carry knives WA can keep you out of trouble.

Open Carry Regulations

Open carry is often okay in Washington. But, where you are matters a lot. In places like Seattle, people might be scared by your knife. So, they have stricter rules. Always be aware of the specific laws in your area. This ensures you follow all knife carrying rules Washington properly.

Concealed Carry Rules

Carrying knives without them being seen is different. Washington has stricter rules for this. Most of the time, you can't hide a knife that's longer than three and a half inches. Unless you're hunting or fishing. It's key to know the Washington concealed blade laws and blade concealment guidelines. This keeps you on the right side of the law. Keep up to date with laws to make sure you're carrying knives rightly and safely.

Legal Types of Knives You Can Carry

In Washington State, you can carry certain knives. It's important to know which knives are legal. Bowie knives, dirks, daggers, and stilettos are among those allowed. Many people like them for their history and use.

Bowie Knives

Bowie knives are known for their tough build and history. It's key to follow the rules when you carry legal Bowie knives WA. You can have it out in the open, but hiding it can get you in trouble.

Dirks and Daggers

It's okay to openly carry dirks and daggers in Washington. These knives can cause severe harm. People should know Washington dirk dagger laws to avoid breaking the law.


Stilettos, known for their sharpness, can be openly carried in Washington. But, hiding them is not allowed. It's smart to keep up with the local laws about permissible stilettos Washington.

If you're carrying a legal blade in Washington, it’s your job to know the rules. Breaking them could get you into a lot of trouble.

Knife Laws for Minors

In Washington State, there are detailed laws on minors owning and carrying knives. There's no specific age for buying knives. But minors need to be careful about how they use knives. They should learn the local laws to avoid trouble.

Legal Age for Purchasing Knives

There's no set age for buying knives in Washington. This means both adults and minors can purchase knives. But stores might have rules against selling them to minors. It's key to know that owning a knife is different from carrying one, especially for those under 18.

Regulations for Minors Carrying Knives

Washington has specific and strict rules for minors carrying knives. For example, it's illegal for minors to carry knives in places where they could be dangerous or cause alarm. Schools also have strict policies on knives for those under 18, and they follow a zero-tolerance stance. This underscores the importance of knowing and following these rules.

In a nutshell, though minors can buy knives in Washington, there are clear limits on carrying them. It's crucial for parents and guardians to inform young knife owners about these laws. This ensures everyone's safety and follows the regulations.

Restricted Locations for Knife Carrying

Knife bans in some public places are key to keeping Washington safe. Rules forbid carrying knives in places that are risky or important, like certain buildings. This makes sure people follow the laws about knives.

Public Buildings and Schools

Schools don't allow anyone to have a knife. They want to keep students and staff safe with this rule. Places like libraries, government offices, and places that sell alcohol or cannabis do the same.

Government Facilities and Federal Properties

Rules about knives in federal buildings are very strict. The Federal Facilities Protection Act says no knives in federal offices or courts. Carrying a knife there is a big offense with heavy consequences. Knowing these rules is a must if you carry a knife in Washington.

Other Prohibited or Restricted Areas

Beyond schools and federal places, some other spots ban knives too. Big gatherings like parades or concerts might be no-knife areas. This is to make public areas safer.

Places with public transport might also have rules against knives. It shows why it's important to know the local laws if you carry a knife. Following these rules is not just for safety, it also keeps you out of trouble with the law.


What types of knives are legal in Washington State?

In Washington State, it's legal to carry knives like Bowie knives, dirks, daggers, and stilettos. But, you must carry them in the open. Concealing them breaks the law.

Are there any prohibited knives in Washington State?

Yes, there are. Switchblades, gravity knives, and butterfly knives can't be carried or owned legally in the state.

What are the regulations for open carry of knives?

Open carry is not clearly restricted by the state. But, local laws might have rules against it. You should always check local rules, especially in places like Seattle.

Can I carry a concealed knife in Washington State?

Carrying a concealed knife is usually not allowed, especially if the blade is over three and a half inches. There are some exceptions for activities like hunting or fishing.

What types of knives can minors legally carry in Washington State?

Minors face more rules and often can't carry knives in public or at schools. Knowing and following these laws is crucial to stay out of trouble.

Are there specific regulations for purchasing knives in Washington State?

There's no set age to buy knives in Washington. But the rules for where and how you can carry them still apply, especially for minors.

Where are knives restricted in Washington State?

Knives are off-limits in places like schools, law offices, courts, and federal areas. Rules on carrying them at public events can also be strict.

Why is it important to be aware of local ordinances concerning knife laws?

Local laws can have more specific rules about knives, especially in cities like Seattle. Knowing these helps avoid trouble.

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