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The T. Kell Delta Leather Sheath

The T. Kell Delta Leather Sheath

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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice

The T. Kell Delta Leather Sheath

Tim Kell U.S.M.C. Veteran, knife maker, owner of T. Kell Knives and Luis Hernandez U.S. Army Veteran, leather maker, owner of Delta Sheaths teamed up to develop an exclusive line of sheaths inspired by Luis’ incredibly popular Delta pocket sheaths.

The first sheath in the series the ‘small’ was tailor made to fit the T.Kell Piranha and will work with many other small fixed blade knives also. In addition to creating a new size for the Delta sheath lineup we designed the T. Kell Delta sheath around the Discrete Carry Concepts (DCC) HLR clip making it an incredibly versatile sheath system.

Adding The DCC clip makes the T.Kell Delta leather sheath the most versatile leather sheath on the market. The ingenious design of the DCC clip locks over your belt for inside the waist band and outside the waist band, grabs onto your pocket, securely grasp your boot, and they even hold onto just fabric like gym shorts and yoga pants tightly enough to keep them from pulling off while drawing even the hardest to draw blades without damaging the fabric. 

The T.Kell Delta Sheaths are the perfect accessory for carrying  fixed blade knives. Made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather, The T.Kell Delta Sheaths is extremely durable and will age beautifully over time. We selected a low reflectivity leather pattern that mimics the look of kydex. The T.Kell Delta sheath is handmade in America and features a sturdy design that fits easily into your pocket, tucks comfortably IWB, locks securely OWB making it an industry first  CCW designed knife sheath.

The T.Kell Delta Sheath is the perfect multi use sheathing system. Whether you're a Civilian, first responder, hunter, Active-duty service member, EDCer or simply someone who values having the right tools at hand, this versatile leather sheath is an essential addition to your gear.

 Available in 3 sizes

Small- Fits 5-6.25” overall length knives

Medium- Fits 6.25-7” overall length knives

Large- Fits 7-8" overall length knives

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