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Nightstalker CG

Nightstalker CG

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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice
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Nightstalker CG

The Nightstalker CG (Combat Grade) was developed to fill a need expressed by many customers. We strive to have a well rounded thought out line of blades to suit every need you have and because we kept hearing that you needed a battle tough, do all, prying, slicing, heavier use version of our incredibly popular Nightstalker we went to work. The Nightstalker CG is the result of our tireless pursuit to bring the best performing blades on earth to market. With your input and our lifetime of military and civilian work experience we develop the next level in blades. We are a small family owned and run United States Marine Corps Veteran company located in the Northwest Georgia mountains. By keeping it small we ensure the highest quality blades made today. Owners and founders Tim Kell and his wife (lovingly known in the industry as "Camera Wife") are committed to bringing high moral values, the best customer service, and the best blades on earth to market. Every single blade that has the T. Kell logo is made in America from American made materials and we stand behind our blades for life. Backed up by our 'life of the knife' warranty.


The CG Stalker is built from .165 high carbon 80CRV2 to bring you unparalleled toughness in an EDC blade. We make the toughest blades on earth using our detailed and lengthy heat treatment process that includes a triple temper and deep cryogenics. We clad every T. Kell blade in our exclusive  Nickle Boron (NiB) T1C (Tier 1 Coating) to bring you the most durable blade coating in the world. At a 80+ HRC the NiB T1C protects your blade from everything from salwater to industrial strength chemicals. Used in the firearms industry for BCG's (bolt carrier groups) the NiB T1C has a lubricity that feels slick without any oil and helps your blade fly through cuts. To keep your hands on the blade we added jimping on the thumb ramp and front finger well for extra traction to keep you planted to the blade. We thought of everything and added a tapered ring for glass breaking, less lethal strikes and pain compliance. We used our famous interchangeable grips and handle platform from the Nightstalker series and added our lashing screws to make this blade feel like part of your hand no matter what grip you use. Whether gripped in forward or reverse grip it instantly feels like an extensions of you. We took the time to refine this blade to a level that shocks you when your hand meets it. Every surface is precision rounded to make this blade the most comfortable in the hand you've ever felt. We design from hand feel and balance first to create tools that preform light years beyond the rest. Our reputation for the best feeling and moving blades continues with the Nightstalker CG. 


Every T. Kell blade comes with our innovative Kydex sheath. A sheath is just as important as a blade and we don't stop innovating at the blade when designing our sheaths.  Our sheath design is taking the industry by storm because we completely reimagined how to carry and deploy a blade. The ultra slimline Kydex sheath sits so comfortably along your belt horizontally that you'll forget it's there. Features like a textured thumb ramp for deployment, ambidextrous mounting, water drain hole, numerous holes and slots for mounting and our proprietary slim line profile all make a T. Kell sheath the next level in blade carry and deployment. 

  • 80CRV2 Steel
  • AEB-L
  • .165 Thickness
  • 60 HRC with Dual Temper and Deep Cryogenics
  • Nickle Boron T1C Plated with Recon Distressed finish (80+ HRC)
  • 3.25 inches Blade Length
  • 1.25 inches Blade Width
  • 4.15 inches Ring Handle
  • 7.75 inches OAL
  • 4.2oz knife only; 5.6oz w/ sheath

Slim-line Ambidextrous Kydex sheath with Horizontal belt clip included (additional belt clips and sheaths can be added at checkout)


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