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Agent 001

Agent 001

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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice




Agent 001

The Agent 001 is an easily carried, easily concealed fixed blade knife inspired by Loveless double-edge fighters and our own T. Kell Knives Nightstalker. The original Agent-001 design was brought to us by the host of the Knife Junkie Podcast, Bob DeMarco. Bob is a huge T. Kell Knives fan and a daily carrier of the Nightstalker and wanted an asymmetrical double edge fighter fixed blade knife that would fit in the carry profile of the Nightstalker.

The Agent—001 struck a chord with Tim who immediately set about redesigning the handle for a more unique, ergonomic, and quick-deploying profile. With the addition of T. Kell Knives signature Grenade Texture, strategically placed jimping, and a low-profile glass breaking pommel, the Agent—001 will offer a positive grip and added utility in even in the most pressing and stressful situations.

The NiB coated 3.35” 80Crv2 or AEB-L  blade offers the user two distinct cutting edges. The main edge starts with a generous length of useful straight edge, and bellies up gradually to the acute point, while the top edge has a slightly clipped profile, affording the user a straight, belly free edge terminating at the tip. The Agent—001 cuts both ways like a Bowie and penetrate effortlessly like a dagger.

Whether mounted horizontally on the belt, diagonally in the waistband, or simply dropped in the front pocket, the Agent—001 is a defensive EDC fixed blade that won’t print through clothing even, t-shirts. T. Kell Knives is known for their ultra low-profile sheaths which makes them some of the most easily carried EDC fixed blade knives on the market.

If two sharpened edges isn’t your thing (or your jurisdiction’s) we will be offering a single-edged version as well as family of Agent knives sporting different blades in the near future.


Blade Height- .89 inches

Blade thickness- .165 inches

Blade Length- 3.35 inches

Grip Length- 4.25 inches

Overall Length- 7.75 inches



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