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Here we are the first week of March 2022. It's been a while since I've done my .02, I've been extremely busy with what can only be described as an explosion in the popularity of T. Kell Knives. All the sudden we are everywhere. Our target markets of those individuals that want to have a robust everyday carry blade that is comfortable dependable and fairly priced for the person that may need to cut rope or fend off an attacker has started to find us.

With everything that is going on in Europe I find myself thinking about how another person can treat someone so poorly. How do you become OK with taking someone's land because you think you deserve it; then how do you justify killing them if they won't give it to you? These sentiments have always escaped me. How is that yours just because you want it and you’re big enough to take it? Boundaries for countries, property lines between neighbors exist because people inside those boundaries and property lines conduct themselves differently than those outside them. For example, imagine that inside of our house it's like our own little country. Your family dynamics are different than the next-door neighbor's family dynamics. So, we buy a piece of property with established boundaries, so that we can tell those people that differ from us “I'm OK with you but I want you to stay over there and keep your ideals on your property and I'll stay over here and keep my ideals on my property.” We can all bond together as Americans with a general set of ideals and principles that we all share. With our deeper preferences, our likes, dislikes, food choices, religious choices, music likes etc. enjoyed inside our own property. That’s why playing your favorite tunes so loudly that other people inside their property can hear it is an offense punishable by the law. These personal choices and the ability to exercise those without persecution from the government are what we call FREEDOM. When another person tries to infringe upon that by blasting music that you don’t care for, you can call upon someone that we all gave the authority to enforce that…The Police. In America there's a sense of disconnect from the rest of the world because we haven't seen modern combat on our soils. In part due to the strength of the American military and the mindset of the American peoples that we are free, and we have the rights to conduct ourselves as such we have not been attacked on our own land. We have guns and are born into a society that teaches we are free, and you cannot infringe upon that. The American spirit is the greatest on the planet and is contagious, this is why so many people immigrate here and will die to protect it. This is not the same in Europe most of history shows turmoil over borders and imposition of one countries ideals on another’s. 

I won't say that I've ever been known as the guy that will punch a bully in the mouth without some discourse first, but there have been many times in my life where I have been quoted as saying ‘leave that man alone’ and being ready to defend that person regardless of the size of the aggressor. Yes, I’ve been hurt standing up for others and yes, I’ve hurt some bullies in my time. I don't like bullies at all. I think it's unkind, I think it's immoral and it disgust me to see a person that thinks that they're entitled to pick on someone because they look different, act different, believe different and try to ruin that person's life. Regardless of your political or religious beliefs these type of actions have a lifelong effect on people. I wasn't picked on so I don't know firsthand what it's like to be tormented daily by someone who thinks because they're bigger stronger or more popular they can treat people the way they want. But there have been many many times that I spoke out against it. I fit in pretty much everywhere I went and could transcend cliques and be friends with just about anyone and I stand up for my friends. In my post 40 life I find myself less confrontational and have gained some wisdom on how to diffuse situations without violent language or physical altercations. I definitely believe in diplomacy and trying to “talk it out” first. But sometimes there is a point at which and aggressor feels embarrassed by so many people calling them a bully and will resort to physical force to impose their will. If this happens, we as Americans and more importantly decent humans have a duty to stand together and kick the bully in the teeth.  

Here's an example of what I see as wrong with parts of our society…I don't know this guy's name, and I don't know if wasn't being sincere and just trying to impress me, but I was selling some blades over the Christmas holidays at a local Christmas Market. I mentioned that we try to invest in boys becoming men and the guy said, “me too I believe in bullies, and I encourage my kids to be bullies also, cause that’s what makes men and real life is hard”. I don't know if my face showed my disgust, but I certainly felt it inside, this gentleman began to justify why he felt like bullies were necessary to make stronger harder more resilient men and that it was just a natural part of life. I couldn’t help it and before my mouth could be stopped, I cut him off by saying “well I’VE always been the guy to stand up when people get picked on and stomp some ass on their behalf”. He looked at his friend embarrassed and tried to justify himself. His friend looked obviously uncomfortable. I tried to hide the anger rising within me while his friend made an excuse for them to leave my table. I'll go on record and say putting another less fortunate, less capable, less attractive person down is horrible and unacceptable. In America we see a rise in road rage incidents, shootings, stabbings, arguments all because we focus solely on what we see in a mirror but not what is outside of our arms reach. Whatever your faith background I think you know that it's not all about you, and people that are picked on and bullied deserve someone with courage, morals and true manliness to stand up on their behalf and say, “leave that man alone.” The sense of entitlement that is spreading across America like a plague is giving rise to the bully. Road rage from selfish people driving like bullies, stabbings, shootings, fist fights etc. are becoming more and more prevalent. We need to bond together as an American people and stand up to bullies. Whether that’s in Europe or in your cul-de-sac it still wrong. 

I feel the ground starting to shake my friends and I pray that my suspicions are wrong, but I think when this bully is confronted and told to stop, he will resort to physical violence against those that stand up for who he’s bullying. I’m fortunate enough to have made friends with men that are tier 1 operators from all over the world. This topic is on all of their lips. These men have been on the grounds in the hells of combat to defend peoples they have never met from actions like this and the common phrase I keep hearing is something like this. “I hate to say it, but America needs to wake up and bond together to stop bullies and get prepared to do so because this thing could turn into a huge conflict, America needs a reason to bond together.” Let me be clear I’m not at all saying that we need world war to break out to teach us how to be kind to each other, but something needs to tip the scale back towards treating people well before it does happen. I am encouraged to see buildings lit in Blue and Yellow in solidarity. I hope the bully sees this across the world and realizes that we are all on the side of right and decides it's not in his best interest to continue. However, the psyche in eastern Europe seems to one of great pride and sometimes embarrassing a prideful person leads to violence. Although I doubt it will cease with just words that’s what I’m praying for. You can bet your hind-end that he has friends that will help him, so we need to realize it’s not all about us. Stop bullying each other, bond together, get prepared, and most of all PRAY.

Stay Sharp My Friends,


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