First thank you for taking the time to read about my blades.

At the beginning of 2020, I wanted to work on some changes to my products, and then came COVID-19 with it's shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. I used that time to work on improving our products in numerous ways... to bring you an even better quality blade. I still have that drive daily to make things better in 2021 in hopefully what is a re-building year for our country.

I'm always trying to improve and rethink our blades. If you haven't tried one I promise you will be surprised at its performance. If you have purchased our blades, thank you so much for believing in our products. Many of you are return customers and that means so much that you choose us continually. It's you that have allowed us to grow and invest in better quality. Your feedback is always valued and why we continue to strive to make you happy.

At T.Kell Knives we strive to make a blade that you can afford and use far beyond what a knife is made to be used for and not diminish its usefulness at all. Sharpening your blade should be easy, caring for your blade should be easy, cutting with your blade should be easy, depending on your blade should be easy. We guarantee everything for the life of your blade regardless of ownership. If we made it at one time, it's guaranteed for a lifetime even if it was gifted or handed down. We also include lifetime sharpening.

Tim Kell

T.Kell Knives


Who is Custom Knifemaker Tim Kell?

Tim Kell served in the United States Marine Corp. He is a lifelong American Patriot who is fiercely passionate about his blade designs and their functionality as practical edged tools.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why did you start making knives?

Throughout my military service and entire career, I've always needed a readily accessible blade. Professionally and personally, I've always been active with many different situations demanding a quality edged tool. Sometimes my work knife wasn't up for the task of my hobby, or my Marine Corps issued blade was too big to have on me at the dinner table, or a purely self-defense blade didn't work well for car repair and opening packages. What I tried just didn't work for multiple needs. I have always built and repaired things that I needed to make better. As a function first kind of guy, I had most of the tools needed to manufacture next-level knives so I started designing and building something comfortable, well balanced, built and sized for what I encountered on most days, and something that I could really use for a lifetime and hand down to my kids. Being all about quality, I buy tools that are the best in their class that I can depend on. Basing my designs on the same uncompromised dependability, I had to make a blade that was the best in it's class that met those same demands.

2. What inspired/ inspires your designs?

Early on I had already made a handful of working blades when I made my first EDC blade. That first EDC blade was made from a blank of a knife that my father was working on for me, he was an incredible craftsman and teacher and he taught me many of the skills I have today. He had started a tradition of gifting me a good blade for Christmas and this year he wanted to do something special, he wanted to make me a blade. When I came home on leave one Thanksgiving (2000) he told me his idea. He was really excited about it and so was I, he made a clay mold of my hand, had me describe exactly how I wanted my perfect blade to feel and move. He made that blank for me, for MY use. I watched him shape and mold that blank over and over until he was happy with it. He was severely brain injured just 2 months after that. He never was able to finish that blade for me. Years later I was given his ammo can full of his personal knives. We were very close and the thoughts and memories of him being unable to be the man that I remembered teaching and guiding me for my first 19 years was something I was not willing to face, so that ammo can traveled with me through several moves and sat in my shop for 17 years rarely opened. One day I opened it looking for some inspiration and found the blank that I had forgotten about. I knew right then as those memories and emotions came flooding back that I had to honor him and complete his vision. Since that day I made it my life’s mission to make high-quality blades, based on form fitting function that are the most comfortable and of the best building materials for long-term use that you can hand down for generations.

3. How are your blades 'field tested'?

Fortunately I have several associates that work and play in the harshest environments on earth. Some deployed to hell, some in a Police car, some in an office, some in the field, some in protection, some in the backwoods, and some in blue collar trades. From the board room to the battlefield. The designs come from their input and they test them relentlessly in those situations. If there are any failures I go back to the drawing board until those demands are met or exceeded.

4. What type of demand do you get from your customers?

They demand durability, high quality and a no-BS functional design.

5. What is the feedback from your customers?

A usual comment I receive regularly – 'Finally I've found what I've been looking for! Your blades just make sense as soon as you use them and they flow like water." After purchasing one or more of my blades I often receive pictures of drawers and boxes full of knives that people send me saying they finally found the blade(s) they've been looking for. They thank me profusely for making a blade that makes sense. Empowering others through my products is incredibly rewarding and why I do what I do here at T.Kell Knives.

6. What can a buyer expect form your blades performance-wise?

As soon as their hand meets a T.Kell blade they'll know it's made for use, it flows, and is built from materials using processes that will outlast generations of real use. Uncompromising durability no matter what. We gaurantee it for life even if you're doing stupid things with it.


We are a grateful American family

First, we are a family that truly believes in everything the phrase that our country was founded upon "In God We Trust". What that doesn't mean is that we will EVER treat you in any way other than what you are. Which is a human that has feelings, beliefs, likes, and dislikes. Whether the same or different than what we believe you are welcome here. I express my American rights that have been fought for, and that are protected by our Constitution and I will stand up for what I believe. I expect that you'll do the same and we can be respectful and welcoming to one another. Secondly we are United States Marine Corps (USMC) veteran owned and operated American custom knife company. We are a small business run by a small family in the NW. Ga/Chattanooga area that takes our faith, and being a Veteran owned knife company seriously. We know exactly what quality and dependable knives are. We design and build all of our knives here. Our knives are made to be the best quality blade you've ever used. We back that up with a lifetime no questions asked warranty. This ensures that your knife will be of the highest quality and last for generations of extreme use. We specialize in EDC knives, concealed carry knives, custom knives, hunting knives, custom tactical knives, military knives, and more.


Unequalled performance at an affordable price

We go to great lengths to insure that every piece of our products are made from materials made in the USA. From the Kydex to the screws, it's important to us.

oo many knives are designed to look a certain way and function is the last thought. We start at what the knife is to be used for then design around what will make it perform better at that task. We take the extra time to perfect our knives using innovative methods that give unequalled performance at an affordable price. From balance to edge geometry, weight to handle shape, a grip that won't let you go no matter what is on your hands, even lanyard holes and grips are carefully considered to make your knife the best you've ever used. A knife you can count on all the time. A knife that is so comfortable and well balanced that it surprises you.