knife blade sharpening

Sharpening the Blade. Our Proprietary Process.

IF you care about the Blade like we do, then you care about its performance for life. We warranty it for life. So it needs to be able to back that up. Keeping an edge is very important to us. But how do you sharpen a hardened knife quickly to a razor and not ruin the temper? 

We take the extra time to temper twice to give you a durable blade... so why would we risk the temper by grinding our edge on a belt like everyone else? 

Sharpening on a belt or similar abrasive material causes a spark. A yellow spark is 1800+ degrees. Even if you don't see a spark, extensive published research supports that the abrasive material all belts are made from... super-heats the steel at the point of sharpening. 

The temperature we temper is between 400-600 degrees. You tell me if the edge is compromised at 3 times the tempering temperature? The sharpener we developed is made form a material that is nearly as hard as diamond, produces no heat, no spark, turns at a very slow speed to keep everything nice and cool, but removes material equally as fast as the common belt sharpening method used by most every knife company. Again we couldn't find what we wanted and didn't care about what everyone else is doing, so we had to make it. This sharpening system is a huge part of the reason we can offer the Nickel Boron blade coating that no one else has been able to. The NiB is so hard that it normally would produce too much heat on a typical belt sharpener and ruin the blade hardness. Or it  took too long for them to sharpen. We wont name drop, but factually, some other major companies tried NiB and couldn't get it to work with their current sharpening methods. 

We know that making a knife that has a guarantee for life, and actually holds up that long, doesn't make much business sense. But our name on every blade means something to us.  We cracked the code on the sharpening and that's why we offer lifetime sharpening. If you're an at home hand sharpener you'll have no problems sharpening our blades if you so choose. We can just do it in seconds for you. Click the contact button and get started on sending us your blade for a tune up.