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The T.Kell Knife Grip Difference

The title Veteran Owned means something to me. As a Marine Corps Veteran I relied heavily on that training when I started the company. I have had many jobs in many career fields since then that required a blade for work. I made it my mission to solve common problems I experienced with other knives. Sometimes everyday tasks need a bigger blade, but you don't have your Ka-Bar on you when a blackberry bush has invaded your walkway, or you're at the mall and don't want to scare everyone within eyesight by pulling out your survival knife to slay your packaging. I set out to design an affordable everyday carry knife that had a strong blade that could withstand heavy prying, so full tang was a must, a blade big enough to handle a days worth of working tasks, a knife small enough to not look and feel like a machete on your hip, a grip that was comfortable and capable of locking your hand to the knife for tasks that usually required a full handle 'big' knife, and a balance point to make the knife feel fast in a tactical situation. I designed a handle for knives that need a small footprint for everyday carry but allows for a full-sized blade. I quickly departed from the standard run of the mill handle that everyone else uses, and designed my own grip with a deep yet comfortable front finger well that locks your hand to the knife. When carried tip up, your 4th/pinky finger will wrap the bottom of the handle providing a full hand grip in a compact package. When carried tip down the front finger well lets your pinky lock to the handle while your thumb rests on the bottom of the hilt giving you the ability to make heavy impact with thrust cuts while keeping your fingers off the blade. The comfort of our handle and the perfect balance in the first finger make our full tang belt carry EDC knives feel fast and comfortable to use for hours of repetitive tasks, and intuitive in a defense situation. Our line of belt carried handmade knives feel natural in your hand, and you will immediately notice the comfort and balance when your hand meets a T.Kell Knife.