nickel boron coated knife blade

Knife blade coatings with nickel boron. America's Source for NiB Blades.

I'm very excited to bring this to the Blade industry! You saw it here first we are literally the first and only knife company offering this finish. Nickle Boron (NiB) has been commonly used for many years as a bolt carrier group (BCG) plating that will run tens of thousands of rounds with zero reduction in the finish or durability. We went further to create our exclusive NiB T1C® (Tier 1 Coating). What this does for a blade is adds an incredible level of protection that can withstand serval lifetimes of relentless abuse. The NiB T1C® cladding is so hard and feels so slick that it seems oiled when in fact it is not. We use 80CRV2 (a high carbon steel) for its renowned ability to take a very sharp edge, keep that edge despite heavy use, and its ability to withstand serious beating. For use in blades carbon steels require either oiling or coating. We've removed the need to oil your blade and added Nickle Phosphorus to our Nickle Boron creating our exclusive NiB T1C® coating that is light years beyond what anyone else offers. Coating a blade in powder coat creates drag and makes cutting annoying and more difficult. Other common coatings (such as ceramic coating, DLC etc,) offered in the blade industry scratch easily. NiB T1C® does neither create drag or scratch easily. The lubricity of NiB T1C® makes cutting much easier, and the knife feels like it flies thru when cutting. The NiB T1C® we created is 80+ HRC and withstands scratching better than any other blade coating on earth. Bottom line NiB T1C® is THE premier coating and lives up to what T.Kell blades have become known for...Extreme usability and durability.

 NiB T1C® now with our exclusive Recon Distressed® appearance.

At T. Kell Knives we know firsthand the importance of gaining every advantage. The ability to be clandestine can make the difference in winning and losing. We tirelessly try to make our blades preform in all situations better than what you can find anywhere in the world. Part of that was developing the NiB T1C® coating that not only stands up to the harshest environments on the planet, but also needed to be clandestine. We strive to make blades that are equally as at home as an EDC, CQB blade as they are on the battlefield. After much feedback, extensive research, testing, and development we've created a unique finish that we call 'Recon Distressed' because we realize the importance of a blade that can't be easily seen. The ‘Recon’ coloring was created to be minimally observable. That still wasn’t enough, so we dove in further and created a ‘Distressed’ pattern that we put on the blades prior to applying the NiB T1C®. This texture was developed to further break up the outline and reflectivity of your blade and give it a combat used look that makes every T. Kell blade a unique one of kind battle hardened tool. Does this take longer? Yes, it does but we aren’t interested in short cuts. We develop blades that excel where others fall short because you can’t afford to fall short when it counts the most. We are honored that so many Tier 1, LEO, Military, Civilians and every day Joes make the choice to carry a T. Kell blade. Our commitment is that we will do our very best to provide you with the tools you need to excel when it counts.

Now the science:

NiB T1C® is a duplex plating treatment that offers superior corrosion, scratch and wear characteristics while simultaneously reducing friction. NiB T1C® creates a smooth and uniform plating barrier without adding significant dimension to metal parts, increase the surface hardness of the plated part, and produce a product that is superior to competing plating systems.

NiB T1C® is a trade secret proprietary electroless nickel boron, nickel phosphorus plating system that is comprised of boron, nickel, phosphorus and other metals which produce an extremely hard, wear resistant, corrosion resistant surface with a very low coefficient of friction.

• HARDNESS: 80+HRC NiB T1C® produces a surface that is harder than competing processes

• LUBRICITY: .30 Low static coefficient of friction without lubrication on plated Tool Steel: .12 Low Static Coefficient without Lubrication on Polished Tool Steel. NIB parts can run lubrication free, reducing the maintenance without sacrificing reliability, cleaning, care

• DURABILITY: More than twice the wear resistance of hard chrome and four times the wear resistance of just electroless nickel phosphorus:

NIB will outlast the life of the part in most cases.

Extremely ductile plating with improved impact resistance.

NiB T1C® will not crack and chip like hard chrome.