Knife Laws in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide to Carry Legally

Knife Laws in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide to Carry Legally

In Florida, there are specific rules for owning and carrying knives. The law, known as the Florida Revised Statutes Section 790.06, allows you to carry many knives. Yet, it is more strict for concealed carrying. You need a special permit for knives that could be very harmful, unless it's a small pocket knife.

Small pocket knives, with a folding part under four inches, are not covered by this permit rule. You can carry these without any extra paperwork. Knives that don't fold, like those used in the kitchen or for hunting, can be kept and worn openly. But if their blade comes out automatically, things get a bit complicated.

For automatic knives, the rules are similar to the deadly types. But there's a limit on how long the blade can be – no more than four inches. Anything bigger than that falls under the same laws for concealed carrying. Additionally, there are rules for young people, those not thinking clearly, and about carrying knives in certain places.

Key Takeaways

  • Pocket knives with blades under four inches are legal to carry without a permit.
  • A concealed carry permit is needed for knives classified as deadly weapons.
  • Fixed-blade knives can be openly carried without restrictions.
  • Automatic knives are legal if the blade is not ballistic and under four inches.
  • Specific regulations apply to minors and places such as schools and government buildings.

Carrying Knives in Florida: What You Need to Know

Understanding Florida knife carrying regulations is crucial. It ensures you follow the law with a knife. In Florida, the law distinguishes between open and concealed carry. You can openly carry knives with blades under four inches without a special permit. But for larger knives, like those longer than four inches, you need a concealed weapon or firearm license.

In Florida, there’s a strict rule against ballistic knives. But if the knife is a common tool, like a box cutter, you can carry it concealed. Always make sure to also follow any extra rules that local areas might have. Sometimes, these local rules are different from the state rules.

Legal Knife Length in Florida

Knowing the rules for knife size in Florida is important for knife owners. In Florida, you can carry a knife that's up to four inches without needing a permit. This limit helps decide if a knife is just a regular one or if it needs special rules to follow.

If a knife blade is over four inches, you must have a permit to carry it hidden. These laws aim to keep people safe but also give knife owners some freedom. They help decide if a knife is harmless or could be dangerous, legally speaking.

The size of four inches is key in calling a knife a regular pocket knife or a more serious tool. Knowing this detail is very important for following the law and making good choices about knives we own.

Pocket Knife Regulations in Florida

It's vital to know the pocket knife laws in Florida, whether you live here or visit. In Florida, a common pocket knife can be carried without needing a special permit. A common pocket knife is one with a folding blade that is four inches or shorter. This rule also covers multitools like Swiss Army Knives.

For young people, the laws are a bit different. Minors need their parent or guardian's okay to carry a pocket knife. Giving a knife to a minor without this permission can lead to misdemeanor charges.

The rules around folding knives in Florida come from laws made long ago. In 1951, the Florida attorney general described what a pocket knife is. These descriptions are still used today. So, it's important to follow these old rules when carrying a pocket knife in Florida.

If you want to carry a pocket knife legally in Florida, learn the differences in knife types. While fixed-blade knives have stricter rules, traditional folding pocket knives are easier to carry.

Carrying Knives on Your Belt: Florida's Stance

In Florida, you can wear a fixed-blade knife on your belt openly if it's sheathed. People often ask: is it legal to carry a knife on your belt in Florida? It is, as long as the knife's blade is four inches or shorter. If the blade is longer, you'll need a special permit to keep it concealed. This rule lets you carry a useful knife or a tool for protection visibly.

Understanding knife carrying laws in Florida is crucial. You can openly carry a knife on your belt in a sheath if it's visible. But, this knife must follow the four-inch rule. If the knife is bigger or hidden, you need a permit to carry it. By following these laws, both residents and tourists can be sure they're following the rules.

Knife Carry Laws in Vehicles: Florida Guidelines

In Florida, carrying knives in your car has rules similar to carrying on you. The key rule is about the knife's blade length. You can have knives with blades up to four inches in your vehicle without a permit. So, can I carry a knife in my car in Florida? It depends on the knife's blade size and if you have a permit.

But, for knives with blades longer than four inches, you'll need a concealed carry permit, even in your car. Florida doesn't treat knives carried personally from ones kept in cars differently. This keeps the rules even. So, knowing the knife laws for vehicles is important if you want to have a knife in your car.

Remember, having the right to carry concealed knives in vehicles is key. Not following these laws could lead to trouble. So, staying up to date on these rules means you can own a knife legally and safely in Florida.

Open Carry of Knives in Florida: Is it Allowed?

In Florida, you can openly carry many types of knives. This includes hunting knives, military-style knives, and even swords. They just can't be ballistic knives. If you're carrying openly and not hiding it, you're good without a permit. Florida's laws let knife enthusiasts and regular folks carry openly.

Knives under four inches can be hidden and carried without a permit. This creates a lot of freedom for people in Florida who own and use knives. But, you can't carry them openly in certain places like schools or government buildings. These places bar knives, according to federal rules.

To keep things legal, you must remember these rules. Following all local laws is crucial. It ensures you avoid carrying a knife where you shouldn't. Knowing and following the rules promotes safe and responsible knife use. Stick to the guidelines, and you'll be just fine with your collection of knives in Florida.


Is it legal to carry a knife in Florida?

Yes, you can legally carry a knife in Florida. But, there are rules to follow. These rules change based on the knife type and how you carry it. Knowing the difference between open and concealed carry, plus the blade length, is key to staying within the law.

What is the legal knife length for concealed carry in Florida?

In Florida, you can carry knives up to four inches hidden without a permit. Knives with blades longer than four inches need a permit.

Can I carry a knife in my car in Florida?

Yes, you can have a knife in your car in Florida. You're allowed to carry knives up to four inches in your vehicle without a permit. But if it’s longer than four inches, you'll need a permit.

Can you carry a pocket knife in Florida without a permit?

Yes, it's okay to have a pocket knife in Florida without a permit. Just make sure the blade length is four inches or less. Florida considers a common pocket knife to be a foldable knife with a blade shorter than four inches.

Is it legal to carry a knife on your belt in Florida?

Yes, you can strap a fixed-blade knife to your belt in Florida. Just make sure it's in a sheath and the blade is no more than four inches. For longer blades, get a concealed carry permit.

Can you open carry a knife in Florida?

Indeed, you can open carry most knives in Florida. But, stay away from ballistic knives as they're not allowed. Other than that, feel free to sport hunting, military knives, or even swords out in the open.

Are there specific places where carrying a knife is prohibited in Florida?

Yes, there are spots in Florida where you can't have a knife. This includes schools and government buildings. Plus, federal places that ban weapons are off-limits too, even if the normally open carry is allowed.

What are the regulations for minors carrying knives in Florida?

Minors can carry a pocket knife in Florida if they have their parents' okay. But, giving a knife to a minor without this permission is against the law and could lead to trouble.

Are automatic knives legal in Florida?

Automatic knives are fine in Florida, as long as they're not ballistic. They should also meet the concealed carry regulations. Knives over four inches long need a permit for you to carry them legally.

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