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Knife Laws in Hawaii: Understanding the Aloha State's Regulations

Hawaii is often seen as a tranquil paradise. It's known for its laid-back vibe. Yet, it has strict rules, especially around knives. These rules apply to both those living there and tourists.

The state's beautiful places, like Nā Pali Coast State Park, draw many. But, people need to know the law on knives first. According to HRS § 134-51, a mix of blades can't be carried without permission. This counts as a crime. The details of the law need careful study.

Hawaii also has tough rules if you hide a blade. Getting caught can mean big trouble, especially if it's for a crime. Knowing these details is vital for those thinking about having a knife in Hawaii.

Overview of Hawaii's Knife Laws

Hawaii's knife laws are part of a detailed plan involving gun rules. The Aloha State is very strict about owning guns. It requires background checks and permits for owning them. These firm laws show how Hawaii carefully controls all weapons, including knives.

Knife ownership in Hawaii has specific rules. The state bans some knife types, like switchblades or butterfly knives. This shows Hawaii's serious approach to more dangerous knives. It's all about keeping people safe by limiting what knives are out there.

Hawaii uses a "may issue" system for concealed carry permits. This goes for both guns and knives. Not everyone who applies will get a permit. So, not many people have permits in Hawaii. This makes understanding Hawaii's weapon regulations very important for anyone living there or interested in knives and the law.

To carry knives in Hawaii, you must know the details. This is true for locals and tourists alike. Knowing and following these laws can keep you out of trouble. Hawaii's laws aim to let people own knives while ensuring safety through checks and bans on certain knives.

Types of Knives Legal to Own in Hawaii

The laws on legal knives in Hawaii cover a wide selection. Whether you love a Bowie knife Hawaii is known for or enjoy throwing knives, there are rules to follow. These rules aim to keep things fair and safe for everyone.

Bowie Knives and Large Knives

You can own a Bowie knife in Hawaii and other big knives, as long as they don't open automatically. These knives are strong and useful, making them great for outdoor fans and collectors.

They are not for daily activities, like cooking or cutting boxes. Instead, they are mainly for outdoor use or as part of a collection.

Throwing Stars and Throwing Knives

If you're into throwing knives, Hawaii allows you to own and use them. This is under the state's knife laws. But, using them for bad actions is against the law.

Disguised Knives

Special knives that look like everyday items, such as pens or lipsticks, are also allowed. These knives look normal, which can be fun but also raise concerns. It's important to know the rules about these disguised knife regulations.

Undetectable Non-Metallic Knives

In Hawaii, even non-metallic knife ownership is okay. These knives can't be found by metal detectors. But, they must follow the same laws that regular knives do. Misusing them for bad reasons is not allowed.

Knife Laws in Hawaii: Carry Regulations

Knowing about the carry law Hawaii is key for knife lovers and those living there. The state has clear rules on which knives you can carry legally.

Single-Edged Pocket Knives

In Hawaii, laws for pocket knife regulations are not so strict for single-edged ones. They don't have to meet any length requirements. This means you can own and carry them without much worry.

Also, you can carry them openly or hidden. So, they're a good choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-carry knife.

Illegal to Carry Knives

However, Hawaiian law is tough on certain pocket knives. Weapons like daggers and dirks are off-limits for carrying, whether seen or not. Breaking these Hawaii knife carry rules can have serious consequences. Knowing these laws is important for both locals and tourists to stay out of trouble.

Updates on Hawaii Knife Legislation

Recent laws in Hawaii are changing knife ownership rules. A new bill, HB2342, is leading to a big policy change. Hawaii is updating its laws to better fit knife rights today.

HB2342 Law Changes

HB2342 is a big deal for certain blade types. It lifts the ban on making, selling, and carrying butterfly knives, switchblades, and gravity knives. Governor Josh Green supported these changes to update our Second Amendment rights view.

Legal Victory for Knife Owners

Knife fans in Hawaii are celebrating this update. It means they have more freedom, but tough laws are in place for any misuse. This update is all about balancing personal liberty with keeping everyone safe. So, Hawaii's view on knives is undergoing a major change because of HB2342.


To know about legal knives in Hawaii, it's key to understand the state's strict rules. These laws cover what kinds of knives are okay and how you can carry them. They aim to let people enjoy knives safely while looking out for everyone's well-being.

Recently, the Aloha State changed its knife laws with HB2342, opening up ownership to more varieties. Yet, it's still important to keep up with rules and stay alert. This helps knife fans experience Hawaii's wonders safely and legally.

So, getting around Hawaii's knife laws means knowing the dos and don'ts. Laws change, but being informed and careful is always necessary. Respecting these rules is good for you and your community. It keeps everything safe and fun for all.


What are the general regulations for knife ownership in Hawaii?

Hawaii has strict rules on knife ownership. It bans switchblades and butterfly knives. You can own Bowie knives, big non-automatic knives, and throwing knives, though.

What types of knives are legal to own in Hawaii?

People in Hawaii can have Bowie knives, large non-automatics, throwing stars, throwing knives, and some hidden and non-metal knives.

Are there any specific rules for carrying knives in Hawaii?

Carrying certain knives is illegal in Hawaii. This includes daggers and knuckle knives. You can carry single-edged pocket knives openly or hidden, with no length limit.

What changes were introduced with the HB2342 law in Hawaii?

HB2342 lifted bans on selling and having certain knives, like butterfly knives and switchblades. But, you can't hide these knives when carrying them. And using them in crimes carries higher penalties now.

Can I carry a pocket knife in Hawaii?

Yes, you can. Pocket knives with a single edge are fine to carry, hidden or not. They shouldn't be seen as deadly weapons, though.

Are throwing stars and throwing knives legal in Hawaii?

Yes, it's legal to have throwing stars and throwing knives in Hawaii.

Are adapted or disguised knives permissible in Hawaii?

Sure, Hawaii allows knives that look like other things. This includes things like pen knives, lipstick knives, and comb knives.

What types of knives are prohibited from being carried?

Known dangerous knives like daggers and knuckle knives can't be carried in Hawaii, hidden or not.

How do Hawaii knife carry rules compare with firearm policies?

Hawaii’s rules for knives and guns are both very strict. They both require adhering to the law carefully. And getting permission to carry them hidden is rare.

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