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Knife Laws in Maryland: Navigating Legal Carry and Restrictions

Understanding Maryland knife regulations can be tricky. It's tough for both residents and visitors to know the rules about having and using knives the right way. The state has many laws about owning and carrying knives that everyone must follow. These laws say what types of knives are okay to carry, like automatics or neck knives.

Local rules also matter. They can change how you can carry knives, whether open or hidden. For example, some places might allow certain knives but others don't. So, it's important to know the details of Maryland's knife laws to make sure you're following them.

Overview of Maryland Knife Laws

Maryland's knife laws are detailed and aim to keep the public safe. It's important to know these rules to avoid trouble. We will look at what's allowed, what's not, and why.

General Restrictions

Carrying certain knives, including hidden ones, is a no-go in Maryland. This law covers personal and vehicle carry. It's also vital to note that some places, like schools and government offices, have rules that make knife carrying even harder.

Legal Definitions

Understanding knife ownership laws in Maryland can get complex. According to Maryland's Criminal Law 4-101, anything used with harmful intent counts as a dangerous weapon. This covers many knife types, each with its own set of rules. Being clear on this helps avoid breaking the law.

Types of Prohibited Knives

Maryland singles out specific knives as being off-limits. This includes automatic, OTF, neck, and gravity knives. These knives are seen as high risk for misuse. For instance, automatic knives are often linked to violent actions. Possessing these forbidden knives in Maryland is against the law.


Knowing what's not allowed helps Maryland residents follow the law better. This means being careful with knife ownership and use.

Legal Carry Options in Maryland

In Maryland, it's important to know the right ways to carry knives. You can carry them out in the open or keep them hidden. This knowledge helps you follow the state's laws correctly.

Open Carry Laws

The state of Maryland allows open knife carrying for certain knives without needing a special permit. Knives like non-spring-loaded OTF and neck knives can be carried by adults not below a certain age. But, keep in mind that local laws might add more rules, so it's wise to check before you carry.

Concealed Carry Permits

If you'd rather keep your knives hidden, you'll need a Maryland concealed carry permit. The process includes background checks and getting approval. It's a good idea to get the right permits to avoid any legal problems.

Understanding Weapon Classifications Under Maryland Law

It's important to know how Maryland law classifies weapons. This knowledge helps people follow the law and avoid trouble. The state's laws make it clear which knives are legal and which are not.

Dangerous Weapons

Maryland's law defines dangerous weapons as those that can cause serious harm. It mentions items like nunchaku and certain knives. Knowing this is crucial for knowing what can be carried legally.

Legal versus Illegal Knives

There's a clear line in Maryland on legal and illegal knives. Examples of illegal knives are switchblades and gravity knives. Knowing about dangerous weapons in Maryland helps people understand the law. Carrying illegal knives can lead to big fines or even prison. This shows how serious the law is about these items.

Knife Laws in Maryland for Specific Knife Types

Understanding Maryland's knife laws means knowing the rules for different types of knives. This part focuses on the laws for automatic knives, gravity knives, switchblades, and assisted openers. Each type of knife has its special legal rules in Maryland.

Automatic Knives

Maryland has strict laws for automatic knives, or switchblades. They're often illegal to hide while carrying. But, there are times when you can carry them openly with a proper permit. It's crucial to know when and how you can legally carry an automatic knife in Maryland. Or, you might face serious legal trouble.

Gravity Knives

Using gravity to open knives makes them similar to switchblades under Maryland law. There are clear rules about where and how you can carry gravity knives. Make sure you follow these laws to stay out of legal trouble. Avoid carrying gravity knives in ways that break the law.

Switchblades and Assisted Openers

Switchblades and assisted openers are seen differently under the law. Switchblades are heavily restricted, but assisted openers might have more flexible rules. Being aware of these differences can help knife owners stay on the right side of the law. It is key to understand the laws around switchblades in Maryland.

Maryland is specific about the rules for knives like automatics and gravity knives. Knife owners need to know and follow these laws. This understanding is essential to legally carry and own knives in Maryland.


What are the general restrictions on knife carrying in Maryland?

In Maryland, you can't carry certain knives. This includes automatic, OTF (Out The Front), and gravity knives. It's important to know this to avoid legal issues.

How does Maryland define various knife types?

Maryland defines knives like automatic, gravity, and assisted openers in its laws. These laws are under Maryland Criminal Law 4-101.

Which knife types are prohibited in Maryland?

Prohibited knives in Maryland are automatic, OTF, neck, and gravity knives. This is part of Maryland's weapon law to prevent misuse.

What are the rules for open carry of knives in Maryland?

In Maryland, you can openly carry knives that aren't banned. For example, non-spring-loaded OTF knives and neck knives are okay to carry openly.

Is a permit required for concealed carry of knives in Maryland?

Yes, you need a concealed carry permit in Maryland for some knives. This wear and carry permit is a must for carrying knives out of sight.

How does Maryland law classify dangerous weapons?

Maryland outlines dangerous weapons in its Criminal Code. This includes specific knives and items like nunchaku. These laws control how such weapons are carried.

What is the difference between legal and illegal knives in Maryland?

In Maryland, legal knives aren't the prohibited ones. Illegal knives are those listed as dangerous weapons, such as automatic and gravity knives.

Are automatic knives legal in Maryland?

Automatic knives are often banned in Maryland. But, you can carry them openly in some cases. Concealed carry, however, needs a special permit.

What are the legal considerations for gravity knives in Maryland?

Gravity knives are not allowed in Maryland. You can't carry them, even if concealed. This is set by the state's knife laws.

Are switchblades and assisted openers regulated differently in Maryland?

Yes, Maryland has different rules for switchblades and assisted openers. Assisted openers may be okay in certain situations, but switchblades are tightly controlled. Knowing these differences is key to following the law.

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