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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice


DELIVERY pending. We had to remake the entire batch

How to Carry Your FLN

The T.Kell FLN

A revolutionary blade for from a collaboration between Tim Kell  (U.S.MC., owner of T. Kell Knives) And Jerad Neeve (Neeves Knives). Jerad is a trusted and renowned member and consultant in the knife industry with a large swath of influence. Jerad's approach to Knives proves that he is a true expert. 

The FLN came about when Jerad asked us to do a blade that was, easy to conceal, fast to deploy, a devastating cutter, and nearly impossible to stop. He had the blade shape in mind and Tim took it from there. T. Kell is known for our innovative and comfort first approach to knife grips, and that doesn't stop with the FLN. In true T. Kell Fashion we used a proven and popular grip platform, The Piranha grips were selected their slim profile, incredible ergonomics that melt into your hand that maximize grip comfort and retention.

The FLN come in 2 profiles, one with an integral metal ring and one without a ring.

The FLN with integral metal ring has the famed T.Kell ring from our Night series of blades. The Night series ring is known for its comfort and was designed with CQB in mind to be incredibly comfortable in a natural fist grip, allows grip without changing your hands natural alignment. The ring maximizes function giving you an additional striking surface, and has a tapered hilt for pain compliance.

The FLN without the integral metal ring was designed with versatility in mind. It has no metal the ring, is an ultra concealable blade that can slip into most watch pockets, and disappears from sight. Designed for extreme comfort in forward, reverse, and punch dagger grips. If you want the option for a retention ring the FLN ringless is compatible with the Piranha Sentry Grip that transforms your blade into a ring blade with a simple swap of a handle scale. The Sentry grip is the same shape as our renowned night series ring. 

.165 thick 80CRV2 Steel

61 HRC with deep cryogenics treatment

NiB T1C or Black Oxide Coating

6.125 overall length on ring version

5.5 overall length ringless version

Slimline Kydex sheath

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime sharpening

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