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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice

PRE-ORDERS being taken now. Expected ship date 15 JULY 2023

The MR-1

This Pikal Style blade came to us by way of request from a group Of Marine Raider (MR) Scout Swimmers.

A Pikal is designed to used in the reverse grip with the edge facing your forearm. Although not a traditional style western blade the Pikal is a VERY effective blade for CQB work.

We used a wharncliffe style dead flat edge to maximize every cut. I selected our famed 'Night' series grip that gives you the ultimate fighters grip. It's slim design is textured and contoured to become part of your hand. The ring placement can't be felt when making a natural clinched fist, this allows you to make a tight fist around the grips while maintaining your hands natural knuckle alignment.

In true T,Kell fashion we went outside the norm and didn't use what everyone else uses for steel either. Just because it sounds cool or everyone else uses it doesn't make it the best. At T.Kell we don't buy into hype. We select materials based on actual use and extensive testing. We actually selected our steel based on must haves for this type of blade. I wanted high carbon steel blade performance, edge retention. Corrosion resistance of stainless. Field level ease of sharpening, and it had to take a beating. We used a T.Kell First AEB-L stainless steel with a high carbon content (1.1%) and corrosion resistance. This high performance steel is incredible! It takes a beating due to our salt bath/deep cryogenics heat treatment, takes a long lasting razors edge from the high carbon content and simple formula, and it sharpens easily in the field. Simply put it excels as a battle ready CQB blade that you can depend on. 

Our sheaths have become famous due to a one of a kind, industry first approach to CCW sheath making that allows you to carry the blade horizontally, it's incredibly comfortable to wear all day, doesn't alert others to you carrying a blade, its easily accessible, and has nearly endless ways to mount it. Vertically, horizontally, scout, or mount to your kit with ease. 

  • AEB-L Steel
  • .125 Thickness
  • 60 HRC with Dual Temper and Deep Cryogenics
  • Nickle Boron T1C Plated 70+ HRC
  • 3.25 inches Blade Length
  • 1.25 inches Blade Width
  • 4.15 inches Ring Handle
  • 7.75 inches OAL
  • 3.8oz knife only; 5.2oz w/ sheath


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