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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice


Next Batch releasing for pre-order reservation July 1st 2023 For shipment starting 15 September in the order received 


 The latest in the Night series blades, and built on our famous ring grip handle that adds retention for both forward and reverse grips, and is contoured to fit your natural grip perfectly. 

We are known for our blades amongst the the most capable Tier One operators in the world, and this blade was created to perform to that level. Built from .165 thick steel this blade is built to withstand the rigors of heavy use. We took extra steps to make this blade feel and perform beyond any other you've held. By adding rounded edges where it counts like inside the ring, the front finger well and thumb ramp we have created a tool that is so comfortable to use that you'll wonder why no one has built blades this way before. Our blades out preform ALL other because we take extreme measures to make them the best on the planet. A heat treatment process that includes a Salt Bath heat treatment, Deep Cryogenics (30 hours at -330F) and a triple temper make our high carbon steel blades the literal best on the planet. Then we clad every blade in our exclusive Nickle Boron T1C (Tier 1 Coating) that is 300 time more corrosion resistant than other NiB coatings, has an HRC over 80, higher lubricity than other NiB, is matte grey for low reflectivity, a unique pattern on every blade and the industries hardest, most durable blade coating on earth. 

the Nighthawk comes with our ultra slim line cross draw sheath that is unlike any sheath on the globe. we don't do anything like anybody else, and our blades preform better than anybody else. Designed for actual use


80CRV2 Steel

.165 Thickness

57 HRC with Dual Temper and Deep Cryogenics

Nickle Boron T1C Plated with Recon Distressed finish (80+ HRC)

3.50 inches Blade Length

1.05 inches Blade Width

4.15 inches Ring Handle

7.75 inches OAL

Slim-line Ambidextrous Kydex sheath with Horizontal belt clip included (additional belt clips and sheaths can ne added at checkout)

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