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T.Kell Tac-Bag

T.Kell Tac-Bag

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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice


The T.Kell EDC Tac-Bag is the perfect companion to your daily needs. It hold tons of your EDC essentials that you rely on everyday. Designed by Tim Kell to comfortably mount horizontally along your belt to be out of the way even when seated for max comfort. It flips down when unzipped to allow quick access and easy view of your gear. The metal d-ring allow you to attach your keys Its extra padded to protect your valuables, has pockets specifically designed for common EDC gear like multi tools, flashlights, note pads, pens, wallet, a sharpener, battery bank, charging cables, spare magazines, and so much more. 

 Like all of our products it is made in the USA, overbuilt for extreme duty using the best quality materials available, and is multifunctional. I designed this Bag to protect whatever you put in it no matter what situation you're in. Built with mil-spec nylon, extreme duty dual zippers, and is double padded inside. The T.Kell Tac-Bag has 2 hook and loop patch mount points, and is embroidered with the T.Kell logo in a low observable Grey color. To secure your gear it features 2 heavy duty elastic straps for larger items (like your T.Kell Blade), pockets for your wallet, tac-light, multitool, spare mags, a note pad, writing utensils, cell phone, anything you need to keep protected and readily accessible. I designed the mount points for any style you choose. The Tac-Bag has MOLEE attachment points, belt loops sized for tac-belts to duty belts, and a metal D-Ring. Attach it to you pack, to your gear, to your rig, to your belt, hang it, even velcro it. Designed to open downward when worn vertically on your belt it allows for fast access. Finally bag to hold your EDC gear that doesn't look like a fanny pack.

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