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T.Kell Tactical CCW Suspenders

T.Kell Tactical CCW Suspenders

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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice

Please note:  These are made-to-order with shipping within 8 weeks

Introducing the T.Kell Tactical CCW Suspenders – your ultimate solution for comfortable concealed carry. Say goodbye to discomfort, sagging pants, and compromising your concealed carry needs. These innovative suspenders are designed with your comfort and discretion in mind.

Made of high-quality heavy-duty elastic double stitched with rivets for incredible durability. Crafted for covert operations, the low-profile design of our CCW suspenders ensures that you remain discreet while carrying. These suspenders effortlessly distribute the weight of your gear onto your shoulders, alleviating pressure from your hips. No more readjusting or discomfort throughout the day.

With our intelligently designed clips, you can mount your gear with ease and confidence. These clips securely attach to your belt, allowing you to comfortably conceal your essentials without compromising on accessibility.  The sternum strap in the front keeps the suspenders from spreading and rubbing under your armpits.

Additionally, you can choose the combat-grade upgraded version of the current style with DCC monoblock clips. They add extra security and hold on tighter. It’s a good choice if someone wants clips that hold tighter.

Wear them beneath your t-shirt for the ultimate concealed carry setup, ensuring that your gear stays hidden while you remain in control. 

These suspenders are not only compatible with heavy-duty belts and gear but are also an essential addition to your tactical arsenal. Elevate your concealed carry experience with the T.Kell Tactical CCW Suspenders and discover a new level of comfort, confidence, and concealed carry performance.


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