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The Gideon T1 Training Blade

The Gideon T1 Training Blade

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Knife includes: 1 Sheath, 1 Grip Choice, 1 Clip Choice

The Gideon T1 Trainer

Introducing a collaboration from the mind of Jason Pike (member of SEAL team 7, CEO of FM Tactical) and the hands of Master Knife Smith Tim Kell (USMC, Owner of T.Kell Knives)

FM Tactical is a self defense company that provides training to Military, Law Enforcement, and Citizens, founded and operated by former U.S. Navy SEAL Jason Pike. 

Jason was a member of SEAL Team 7, OIF combat veteran, instructor at NSWG-1 training detachment, government contractor, and currently CEO of FM Tactical. 

One of the issues Jason experienced in the SEAL Teams and training others as a civilian was a knife that works on kit for Close Quarters Combat and for Every Day Carry, which led him in the search of the CQC/EDC “Gideon” in collaboration with T.Kell Knives.  

After much testing and evaluation, we bring you the “Gideon” T1. Gideon meaning “Great Warrior”, or “One Who Cuts Down”, in Hebrew. 

The Gideon is a full spectrum knife designed to be used in every possible situation you may find yourself in defensively. 

The Gideon T1 is the exact blade used in our Gideon V1 with blunted tips, and unsharpened edges. Heat treated to be battle tough in the exact same way as our live blades. Balanced to give you the precise feel of the live blade. Perfect Practice creates perfect performance. Don't Settle for an inferior training blade that doesn't move like the real thing. We train for life in real scenarios so it is vital to have your training blade move and feel identical to the real deal. Backed by the same 'Life Of The Knife' warranty as the live blades. Train for life with the Gideon T1. Add our slimline Sheath at checkout.

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